State of the Art Analysis

Veristride, a Utah based company, has been doing innovative work in the area of gait assessment. Veristride’s technology, PT Metrix, clips to a patient’s shoes and collects data on their gait as they conduct normal day-to-day activities. The data is uploaded to an app which physical therapists can use to monitor and learn from in order to improve treatment plans for stroke patients facing physical rehab. The PT Metrix technology is HIPAA-compliant and FDA registered. The device offers accurate bio-metric analysis that goes beyond steps and cadence – providing data on velocity, stance time, step length, symmetry and variability.


Recognizing this technology has a much broader application, Veristride began collaborating with WillowWorks in mid-2017. They wanted to know how the information collected from the pods might help prosthetists tailor treatment plans and monitor the activity level of amputees. WillowWorks helped Veristride develop and execute a trial protocol to collect data on a variety of amputee types, as well as a control group.

Veristride and WillowWorks trial
Veristride and WillowWorks


WillowWorks then connected Veristride with WillowWood, a company with over 110 years of lower limb prosthetics know-how. The insight gained from the trial showed real promise to provide prosthetists with the information they need about their patients in between clinic appointments, such as number of steps taken, symmetry of steps, walking speed, and step time. The analytics and reporting of this gait data can help prosthetists tailor treatment, predict and monitor activity level, demonstrate outcomes, and make informed reimbursement considerations.


It doesn’t stop there. This technology can help anyone track their own gait, providing true data and insight that other wearable technologies miss. Veristride and WillowWorks are planning several subsequent projects together in 2018 to further collect data and ultimately develop use cases. WillowWorks will fund the projects as well as be a Strategic Advisor for Veristride as their work progresses toward a market offering.