Advancing Cognitive Screening

Reflexion Interactive Technologies, LLC, based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has created a product called the Reflexion Edge. This 2’-by-6’ foldable LED touchscreen uses a series of tests to collect data on an athlete’s cognitive abilities. This data provides the athlete, parents, and coaches with insights they never had before, allowing them to better train, evaluate, and rehabilitate the athlete.


WillowWorks met Reflexion at CES in January 2018. After getting the opportunity to demo the Edge and see the data collection capability, WillowWorks was further impressed by the founding team and their vision to take care of athletes’ brains with the same care athletes do their bodies. The two companies began discussing how they might strategically work together to bring the vision to life.


As a young startup, the best use of funds is of key importance, so WillowWorks and Reflexion began exploring the potential of investment so that more Edges could be built. Further discussions revealed opportunities to utilize WillowWorks’ product development know-how to incorporate refinements into the prototypes that need to be considered as the company scales. In addition to funding the production of the next batch of Edges, WillowWorks agreed to spin up a project team with extensive manufacturing expertise to build those prototypes at their project space, located in downtown Columbus.

“It’s a perfect match- WillowWorks helps us utilize years of experience and expensive equipment to produce the first few batches of Edges, allowing us to focus on building customers and company vision,” said CEO and co-founder, Matt Campagna.


The WillowWorks project team focused on several areas, including: value creation, optimization, strategic sourcing, incorporating customer feedback, manufacturability, and quality. Assembly and test procedures were developed and documented. WillowWorks procured component parts, coordinated 3rd party vendor relationships, and managed the project overall. The team produced both metal components and 3D printed parts utilizing Reflexion’s design. Troubleshooting and testing were completed prior to shipment. Reflexion worked alongside the team to provide training and collaborate on issue resolution. After making the first few prototypes, WillowWorks and Reflexion conducted an in-depth design review, to make further refinements for the remainder of the batch. Reflexion is currently using the new prototypes as marketing tools and have several customers lined up to take delivery of these new Edges.


“The WillowWorks team has really enjoyed working with Reflexion on this project. They are diversely talented, smart, approachable, and compassionate about the work they do. We are looking forward to working together on several future endeavors,” said WillowWorks’ Program Manager, Melinda Gloriosa.

The Reflexion Edge, combined with its custom app, is poised to bring cognitive screening into the modern data-driven and speed-focused world of technology. WillowWorks and Reflexion are planning subsequent projects for 2018 and beyond.