Our Approach.

You need to get to market. We can help you get there.

We Are Leading A Startup Evolution.

We are experts at leading through the complexity of startup evolution across critical business disciplines. Among our areas of discipline expertise are: technical leadership, business operators, product design, industrial design, design engineering, process design and staffing for scale.

We Make Quick Decisions.
We Help You Make Quick Decisions.

Our process is optimized to deliver founders investment decisions quickly and most importantly, effectively.

Guidance and Collaboration. If You Need It.

We approach each startup scenario with a fresh perspective. Although we have a depth of experience, we understand that non-formulaic solutions work best.

Flexible—Because There Is No One Size Fits All.

Your journey is different than the last three companies we invested in and the next three companies in which we will invest.

How We Help Our Partners.

Product Design

Often times, designing the physical MVP (minimum viable product) can be a massive hurdle. Our design experts have helped a number of our partners get from prototype to ready for market.

Business Operations

A little experience goes a long way. Our investment team has years of experience building from the ground up, with a passion for helping our start-up partners build structure for growth and stability.

Staffing for Scale

The right talent is crucial for success. When it’s go-time, we help connect our partners to the proper resources to build teams out effectively.


How the WillowWorks team helped Reflexion get from canvas to prototype to scalable product.