A platform for the next leap

WillowWorks is the product of a century of manufacturing know-how and product innovation. We’re entrepreneurs by nature and our team has collectively developed, refined and launched hundreds of new ideas for the market across several industries.

We created WillowWorks so that ideas can be freely explored, proven and applied. Want to learn how this partnership could benefit you?

What Drives Us

  • Getting the Right Things Done
  • Building Strong Strategic Partnerships
  • Bridging Blue Sky & Practical Outcomes
  • Never Being Driven by a Transaction
  • Experimentation and Learning

Say Hello

A diverse group of expertise. Get to know the individuals behind WillowWorks.

John Choi
John Choi

General Manager

Throughout his career, John has been a change agent for businesses and led organizations through start-up and growth initiatives in education, software, cloud, and more.

Melinda Gloriosa
Melinda Gloriosa

Program Manager

Melinda's blend of business development, design thinking, and engineering know-how allows her to see both the forest and the trees for each project.

Joe Juratovac
Joe Juratovac

Solutions Analyst

Joe's experience in technology consulting and product and technology development spans medical, consumer, energy and financial markets.

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