Investing in the next wave of disruptive founders.

A great idea is only as good as its possibility for realization. We are thinkers who do. We help companies prove, refine and fund ideas for the marketplace.

Smart Money.

Our team has a dynamic blend of skills with a remarkable ability to identify viable potential within the vast startup landscape. Our experience allows us to strategically engage portfolio companies wherever they may be in the startup journey.

Every path is different.
We’re here to help you along yours.

Yes, we’re investors. We write checks. But we also help our partners along their unique path.

Product Design

Often times, designing the physical MVP (minimum viable product) can be a massive hurdle. Our design experts have helped a number of our partners get from prototype to ready for market.

Business Operations

A little experience goes a long way. Our investment team has years of experience building from the ground up, with a passion for helping our start-up partners build structure for growth and stability.

Staffing for Scale

The right talent is crucial for success. When it’s go-time, we help connect our partners to the proper resources to build teams out effectively.


Founders with Grit.

Grit /grit/:

noun: mental toughness and courage.

Civic Eagle founder, Damola, is a winner. He is focused on the right things and he understands the difference between activity and achievement. His company focuses on legislative intelligence—a passionate focus of his. Before gaining his US citizenship, Damola, was keenly focused on US political mechanisms and set the goal of creating an empowering legislative insights platform. In life Damola was a Big10 walk-on running back turned scholarship athlete–always focused on excellence.

These are some of the qualities & attributes of grit we look for.